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History: Three major causes of the Nigeria/Biafra civil war in 1967.

The civil war Nigeria had with Biafra from 1967 to 1970 was so great that over 5 million people were said to have died with the Igbos having the highest number of casualties. In this article, we would be examining what really happened that led the Nigeria Biafra civil war.

1) Ojukwu did not recognize Gowon as head of state: when Aguiyu was assassinated, a new military head of state had to be sworn into power and thus, Gowon was sworn but Ojukwu did not accept him, this was because Ojukwu was higher than him in rank and there were many other senior officers who were higher than him. The point here is, Gowon wasn't suppose to be the head of state rather Ojukwu or any other senior officer should have taken over.

2) Marginalization of Igbos: Ojukwu felt his people were marginalized, this is to say that they were not considered as equals, Ojukwu attempted to solve it but it continued so he declared the sovereign states of Biafra. 

3) Non adhearance to the Aburi agreement: as crisis escalated, the Ghanian president attempted to solve the problem so he invited them to Aburi in Ghana, when they got there, they laughed and even ate on the same plate. They then signed an agreement known as the Aburi agreement which attempted to stop the crisis in Nigeria. When they got back to Nigeria, Gowon broke the agreement, this was because he never knew what he signed. This were one of the factors that made Ojukwu to declare Biafra.

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