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Elders And Youths From South-South Have Assured Me That They Have No Intention Of Seceding - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the elderly people and youths from the South-South region have assured him that they have no intention of seceding from Nigeria. The President said this during an interview with Arise TV on Thursday.

The President disclosed this while talking about the IPOB struggle in the South-East. He likened IPOB to a dot in a circle that has nowhere to go even if they want to secede from Nigeria.

He said that the South-East people have too much investments in different parts of the country, and threatened to send the military and police after the IPOB agitators.

He said that in any case, they will talk to the IPOB agitators in a language they understand, and organize the military and police to pursue them.

(Photo of IPOB agitator used to illustrate the story).

He then said that the elders and youths from South-South have given him the assurance that they have no plan of breaking away from Nigeria.

This issue has always been a subject of major debate, especially on social media. IPOB has often claimed that South-South is part of Biafra which they are agitating for, even though interest groups and individuals from the region have often made it clear that South-South is not part of the Biafra struggle.

The IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu raised the issue a couple of days ago when he was replying to the statement from the Northern Elders Forum that to prevent another civil war, the South-East region should be allowed to secede if the struggle is popular among the people in the region. Nnamdi Kanu said that the statement from the Northern Elders Forum was sensible, and added that the correction is that Biafra includes South-South.

The argument on social media from most South-South people is always that Nnamdi Kanu has no right to decide the destiny of the South-South people, and that his Biafra struggle cannot afford to and should not open too many conflict points by his overreaching attitude.

Nnamdi Kanu:

Admittedly, there are Igbos in parts of Rivers State, Delta State, Benue State and Akwa Ibom State, but the argument is often that the Igbos in these states have the right to choose where they want to belong.

In his statement, President Buhari said that the people of the South-South region - both the elderly ones and the youths - have assured him that they are not interested in seceding from Nigeria. And I think this statement will go a long way in doing justice to the argument which many people from these two regions have often been part of.

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