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There Is Tension Because Our Leaders Are Deliberately Provoking Some Parts Of Nigeria - Dele Momodu

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the former presidential candidate and award winning Journalist, Publisher and founder of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu shares his candid opinion on why there is tension in the country.

Here is everything Dele Momodu said in the video:

"Nothing is impossible but in a situation where some people wants to turn their citizen into a third class citizen, you can not have unity. The word unity itself comes from friction, conflicts. When A and B are in conflict, A and B must agree on certain principles, conditions, conditionalities, configurations and so on and so forth, for you to have unity but situation where party A believes he does not own part B any explanation and vowed party B as perpetual slave, you can never have unity, unless a miracle happen and you have someone, whether it is Buhari or his surrogates, whatever they are and suddenly have a change of heart, it's no longer a change of mind because their mind have been made up that Nigeria belong to a certain set of people.

And each time we try to appeal to the conscience of our leaders, that the best legacy you can leave behind in Nigeria is to unite the people of Nigeria. What is causing the tension today is that our leaders are deliberately provoking some parts of Nigeria, and that cannot continue forever. I always tell people, no nation has ever live perpetually in stupidity and backwardness, and Nigeria is not going to be an exception. They will try, they will use the military, security apparatus, with everything at their disposal to suppress the will of the people, but I'm telling you, it may not be in our time but I know that a day will come when history of Nigeria will be written and we'll all look back and say, what happened? How did we achieved it. 

You see, the people who govern us lack the sense of history. If you are not properly educated without who you are, you will think you are God. Look at Babaginda, OBJ, Yaradua, Jonathan and others who govern before Buhari, where are they today? Do they still have the same power they wielded years ago? And as someone who had been a supporter of Buhari, I'm thoroughly embarrassed that we could find ourselves at this level. It is such an unforgivable and unfortunately situation, that we have find ourselves. 

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