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Why Northern Governors Should Look At Creating Security Outfit In Tackling Banditry In The North

The State Governments in the North should stand up against bandits. Many Nigerians have asked the question that what is the State Governors doing to help themselves and must they rely completely on Federal Government? When Governor Abdulrazaq of Kwara State and Governor Wike of Rivers and all South West governors were faced with a security crisis, were they heavily relying on Federal Government? The answer is no. They geared up and created local security networks or empowered the security operatives in their various States to route out all agents of destabilization.

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The Northern States should stop this present approach to issues of insecurity and stop putting unnecessary pressure on the Federal Government. The State Governors should be wise enough to devise means to match the terror these bandits pose. At this point, open grazing and movement of herders be banned in troubled areas. The leadership of MiyettiAllah is pressured to step in and talk to these bandits. In the alternative, the Governors must recruit volunteers and equipped them lawfully to complement the efforts of security agents. There are enough men who would volunteer in each of these States. No Governor should permit or allow riff-raffs to take over any portion of their territories.

The policy of blockage of markets, movement, and telecommunication sites in Zamfara is now affecting the people. The food they have stored is getting exhausted. They are complaining they have little access to health care and other things. Is it not time the government relax the blockage and put up a security network that will go after these people. The creation of a security outfit in the North will likely solve the problem of banditry because the locals know the routes these bandits follow and they will be happy to go after them since they have caused a lot of havoc to their lives and properties.

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