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Only Igbo Presidency can Salvage what is left of Nigeria Unity.(Opinion)

Not because I am Igbo, but sincerely speaking, only Igbo President can salvage Nigeria from impending breakup. It is not because they are better than other ethnic groups in Nigeria, or that they are gifted leaders but it's a practical judging from the behavior.

Igbo believes so much in unity and fair play than any other tribe in Nigeria that's why they are found almost every where in world contributing their own quota to the development of the host community.

Also, Igbo people are good managers and have a wonderful sense of economics. They can turn up with meagre amount of money or products and develop it into a massive Business Enterprise within a short period of time. Judging them from their outfits is even not necessary because they are not willing to showcase their wealthy in terms of wears. And this is exactly what Nigeria needs from Presidency.

Igbo presidency will unite the country Nigeria, and encourage good practice of Equity among Nigerians. This is possible because of their believe that one man is equal to another. They believe that everyone is born great. And that you are wealthy today does not mean others can not make it more than you tomorrow. No wonder, one of their musician sings overtaking is allowed, you don't stand in line to make money.

Nigeria today needs a creative president who can look into the country endearments and make things that we consider useless to be useful. This feat can also be achieved with Igbo presidency because Igbo people are known to the world as a very creative set of people. Let's forget tribal fight and look critical into this case. An Igbo man sees opportunity when others see problem. They are adventurous. They are willing to try out anything to succeed in life. Success is their watchword.

Furthermore, Nigeria needs a strong, stable leader who understands what it takes to lead and organize people. Who will stand firm and defend the country in face if adversity. This is also one of the reasons why they should consider Igbo presidency because it is one the their God given gift to stand strong and defend their brothers against adversities.

Igbo presidency is the solution to most of Nigeria problems because they are really hardworking and exceptionally good in managing anything handed over to them. They can rescue, revitalize and resuscitate our country to the good of all.

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