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Opinion: Power Shift Debate And Tinubu's Alleged 2023 Presidential Ambition

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) on Tuesday reportedly commended the governors of their region for rejecting rotation of the 2023 presidency to the South as being demanded by the Southern Governors Forum. However, a report from Punch News made it known that the spokesman of the NEF, Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed while speaking at a press conference in Kaduna unveiled that the demand of the Southern governors on 2023 presidency is unacceptable, he further said that the Southern governors constitutes a threat to the Nations democracy with their demand. 

(Picture of Baba Ahmed, the spokesman of NEF)

Baba Ahmed reportedly proceeded in his statement and made it known that they had raised the issue two weeks ago, and they are happy that the Northern governors have also spoken out that rotational presidency is not located in the constitution of Nigeria. He also said that the NEF had wanted Nigerians from the Southern part to recognize the fact that democratic values are still on ground which remains non negotiable in the next general election.

Meanwhile, this article will be discussing what Bola Tinubu as one of the potential presdiential aspirants from the Southern region can do should he later contest for presidency come 2023. You will agree with me that the statement from the Northern Elders Forum above is quite unhealthy to the agenda of Bola Tinubu because his region is affected, hence it will be wise of him to be swift and diplomatic in his political moves if he truly desires victory ahead 2023 in case he later declare his aspiration officially.

What Bola Tinubu can do;

Firstly, we all know that Bola Tinubu is yet to make any public declaration regarding his ambition come 2023, but you will agree with me once again that it is not something that can be ignored because he has been making some moves to justify the course to some extent. However, Bola Tinubu is expected to see how he can have a good stand in his region which is the South, so that his agenda will be less frustrated during slating. We all know that the game of politics is a game of number, and it is the politician with more people that always have higher chances of victory, this is to say that Bola Tinubu will feel relieved should he later contest if he can ensure that he has loyalists and believers from his region to be committed to his struggle.

Secondly, Bola Tinubu should not only limit his capacity to his region alone, he is expected to further spread it to the Northern side also, this will enable him to break the strength of the Northern region to some extent, and make him have more believers in the North, this will in return add to his existing capacity and also help him in terms of marketability and slating.

The upcoming general election is an opportunity for Bola Tinubu to test the capacity he had built overtime, and for things not to fall apart for him come 2023, it will be wise of him to know how he can diplomatically play his cards. Hence, as rumor has it that Bola Tinubu might contest for presidency come 2023, consideration to the above stated points is such that can aid his aspiration in the election and equally contribute to his capacity building in frustrating the calculation of the Northern Elders Forum, as they are not ready to welcome the demand from the Southern politicians which happens to be the regional affiliation of Bola Tinubu.

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