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Saudi Arabia has started preparation for 2020 pilgrimage Service [See Photos]

Pilgrimage is known as Hajj in Arabic, its part of muslims obligations to go for hajj in saudi Arabia.

Muslims across the world are desperate to be part of the 2020 pilgrimage service but the problem is how its going to hold amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Many countries have closed their land borders and stopped airlines service inorder to curb the spread of covid-19.

Few weeks ago there was a trending story that the saudi government will not hold the 2020 hajji but they later declare it as false information.

They later announced it will hold a "very limited" Hajj due to the coronavirus pandemic, with people already living in the kingdom are allowed to take part in the pilgrimage.

It was gathered that saudi arabia is one of the highest rates of coronavirus infections in the Middle East.

however, they are doing their possible best to prevent contraction of the virus.

below are photos as all preparations is being made at Arafat camp to receive Hujjaj on Day of Hajj.

Content created and supplied by: MujahidSSaad (via Opera News )

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