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APC CRISES IN EDO STATE: The Task Before Akande and His Reconciliation Committee

 The crisis ravaging the APC in Edo State has its origin in the strategic and deliberate exclusion of fourteen lawmakers-elect purportedly loyal to the National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on inauguration day which took place at night to prevent them from taking control of the legislative arm of government. This daring and audacious political gambit by the governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki, was the beginning the of war of attrition between supposedly political godfather and godson which has festered and generated so much bad blood, violence of unimaginable proportions and acrimony among the combatants who were once playmates on the political turf. While the governor's camp insisted that it was poised to wipe out godfatherism from the political lexicon of Edo State, the gladiators from Oshiomhole's group were against efforts by governor Obaseki to create alternative power blocs by deliberately stripping existing party leaders of political influence within Edo APC. The power tussles between these groups have brought about so much political tensions across the state to the extent that the Deputy Governor, a protege of Adams Oshiomhole, called for the arrest and prosecution of the National Chairman of the APC for organizing a political rally to receive defectors from the main opposition PDP into APC. The National Chairman had also been severally suspended from the party at the lical levels with threats ot expulsions dangling over his head. The dirty mudslinging reverberated far beyond the shoreline of Edo politcal waters to the exalted office of the National Chairman of the APC in Abuja.

Until Monday the 10th of February 2020, the Edo governor, Godwin Obaseki,  rebuffed all entreaties at reconciliation and insisted that unless he was given the right of first refusal as candidate of the APC in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state slated for  September this year, there would be no peace deal. They warned the Senate President who was Chairman of the reconciliation committee and his members to stay away from Edo State. He was fingered for having previously led the Senate to pass a resolution for the National Assembly to take over the functions of the Edo State House of Assembly which would have whittled down the governor's enormous powers and influence. The group made it clear to all and sundry that only the intervention of the President, Mohamad Buhari, could bring about any form of peaceful negotiations with the splinter group operating mainly from Abuja. As part of the grand plan to curtail the enormous powers of the sitting governor, the Oshiomhole camp deemed it fit to welcome on board, Pastor Ize Iyamu, a grassroots politician of note and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate of the PDP whose presence in the APC was meant to drive fears in the opposition splinter group and ensure balance of power. Pastor Ize Iyamu was formerly a member of the APC before crossing over to the PDP. Governor Obaseki and his boys ensured that this political move by his sworn enemies was scuttled and never allowed to see the light of the day. Although the ceremony eventually took place in low key at a private residence in Benin, Oshiomhole, the arrowhead of the Abuja gang, was effectively locked out and kept at bay through orchestrated violence which swept through Benin, the state capital. A political fatwa was eventually issued against the National Chairman of the APC by the same people he mentored into office. To put an end to the lingering bickering, the President, Mohammad Buhari, has now come to the rescue of the warring gangs by reconstituting another committee to midwife peace within the red flag zones of the APC due to unresolved conflicts after the last election. This new move by the president should calm frail nerves especially in Edo State where a rampaging governor has thrown caution to the dogs in a battle of wits. We now await the refurbished reconciliation com

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