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Opinion: Check Out Two Strong Reasons Why Igbo Presidency Cannot Be Realized In 2023

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Recently I was reading through the papers and I stumbled on a report in one of the dailies that focused on the much talked about Igbo Presidency, and why it is looking very unlikely at least in 2023.

Within the report, there was an interview with Okechukwu Isiguzoro, the secretary of the Chidi Ibe-led Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Anyone that knows Isiguzoro can tell he is a very intelligent man that says things the way they are. He tells you the truth in plain words and does not care if you accept it or not.

Photo Credit: BBC

On the subject of the Igbo Presidency, Isiguzoro like every other Igbo man or woman looks forward to the emergence of an Igbo President, but he says it is not possible in 2023. According to him, there are two things that threaten the emergence of the Igbo Presidency; they are PDP and Biafra.


His reason for blaming the PDP for the region’s failure to produce a Presidential candidate in 2023, is because the party has failed to reward the region’s loyalty. For about 20 years, the South East has shown faith in PDP by investing heavily in it. Even in 2015 when almost the entire nation supported APC, the South-East stood firm for PDP. But that trust has not been reciprocated.

Photo Credit: Daily Post

According to Isiguzoro, the party is playing the ostrich and craftily designing hurdles to deliberately hinder Ndigbos. His anger and frustration at the PDP are mainly over the decision to abolish the zoning formula which the leaders of the party previously agreed to.

Okechukwu Isiguzoro (Photo Credit: Daily Post)

The party did not only abolish the zoning formula that favours the South, but it has also gone on to adopt another zoning arrangement in favour of the North. This effectively closes the door to the possible emergence of an Igbo flagbearer in PDP.

Isiguzoro says PDP’s action amounts to deceit and undermines the region political ambition.


He also said that the Biafra struggle poses a huge threat to the realization of the Igbo Presidency. One of the reasons why some people from the other regions are very sceptical about the Igbo Presidency is because of Biafra. The agitation makes people fear that an Igbo President could seek to break up the country.

Photo Credit Daily Trust

As a matter of fact, some of those in APC refusing the power rotation agreement in favour of the South, cite this as their reason. They are afraid that if an Igbo person becomes President, he will use the power to break up the country.

I tend to agree with Isiguzoro on these two grounds. And I think every Igbo person should share these two points of view and begin to look for ways to solve this dilemma.

Do you agree that Biafra is a stumbling block to Igbo Presidency? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, like and share so that others can comment too.

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