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Why Akintoye and the leaders of NINAS may be arrested after their rallies in the US

The UN member nations are at the UN headquarters for the 2021 summit. Nigeria is represented by President Buhari, who would likely address the United Nations on the appointed date.

While other nations are in the UN headquarters with some issues bordering on how to make their country a better place for all, and also on the issues of world peace. The NINAS are in the UN headquarters to showcase their anger against the Nigerian government and its leadership. Akintoye is leading his company in having daily rallies demanding the balkanization of Nigeria and the abolition of the 1999 Constitution.

They have already written to the UN security council, which is the strongest body in the UN. The NINAS has accused the FG of complicity and being unable to tame the Fulani herdsmen, etc. Many countries in the world are demanding self-determination at the same time. Among all these countries, the UN has not done much concerning the complaints brought before them. The report from the NINAS may not be different from others. In Cameron, the English-speaking region is demanding self determination, etc. A region in Europe was doing everything it could to get out of Spain. Their efforts have not seen the light of day, even after they conducted a referendum.

The issue bordering on Seccession is a global threat, and should not be considered a do or die affair. The NINAS rallies in the US would only create tension in Nigeria. Akintoye and company may stay back in the USA after the rally, since nobody is sure of what may befall them after the US rally. Some are of the opinion that they may be arrested should they return to Nigeria after the US mission. Sunday Igboho, who was championing the Oduduwa republic, may have backed out after he warned his supporters not to protest again in his name. He may have decided to suspend agitation because of the things he has passed through in detention.

The issue bordering on Seccession is not a tea cup and shouldn't be toied with without having a strong foundation and contact. The Seccession could lead to death, imprisonment, and exile.

Do you think that Akintoye and company would be arrested in Nigeria after the US rally, or do you think that they would be welcomed to Nigeria after the US rally? Kindly send us your comments below the box, share and like this page. Follow us for updates.


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