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TRUST IS NOT EARNED, It is a gift you give those you choose to give it to.

When you say "I can't trust anybody", you are just being a hypocrite. The truth is you live your everyday life trusting people.

This is what I mean.

The Taxi man who took you where you were going to, you just saw him and entered his Taxi trusting he will take you where you wanted to go. You don't know the man. How sure are you he will take you there. You just trusted a stranger.

The fruit seller told you the Orange was good and you bought it. How did you know? You trusted her right?. Another random stranger!

And you just decided you will not trust. For those that ask "Is trust a gift or a reward?" What did that random stranger do for you before you gave him/her your trust? Nothing! It means you can choose to trust people even when they do nothing to deserve it.

"I don't trust people because the last best friend, partner, etc...., broke the trust. My heart was broken" That's what we hear everyday. Now listen carefully..

Betrayal from a person is not the reason you don't trust another person. As I said, you are just being hypocritical.

That bus driver collected your money and his bus spoilt on the way, you shouted and were angry... Did the betrayal stopped you from entering another bus the next day,? If No! Then you can trust another even with betrayals from past friends. All I am saying is TRUST IS NOT EARNED, IT IS A GIFT YOU GIVE THOSE YOU CHOOSE TO GIVE IT TO. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO TRUST. IF YOU DON'T, NOBODY CAUSED IT, YOU JUST CHOSE NOT TO.

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