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27 Photos Of Bombed Armoured Tanks That Shows They Are Not Indestructible.

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An armored tank is arguably the most protective war vehicle used for attack and defense because it is sophisticated, but it is not untouchable.

This is probably the Middle East where they are usually at war and take pride destroying American Millitary equipments.

This was burnt totally.

Some of these tanks are capable of surviving 30 calibre, fires of AK-47 rifle, capable of surviving an IED attack. Some were even built to survive on land and water.

This cannot be an IED attack, it must be a rocket launcher.

Probably a tank destroyed during WW2.

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Built tough and speedy, some of them can even take many KGs of explosives and remain undamaged. The millitary handles these beasts and each countries millitary have their a variety.

But nothing is untouchable when it comes to war.

May we never see war because it's not a good thing, peace is priceless and underrated.

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