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Lamidi Reacts After Rufai Asked The Margin He Used In Winning His Polling Unit For Peter Obi


During an appearance on the popular Arise TV program, Mr. Lamidi, the acting national chairman of the Labour Party, responded to a question from Rufai Oseni regarding the margin by which he won his polling unit for the party's presidential aspirant, Peter Gregory Obi, in the recently concluded presidential election. In his reply, Lamidi confirmed that he did win his polling unit but stated that he didn't have the specific margin available.

Rufai asked Lamidi about the margin of victory in his polling unit in Oyo state during the last election. Lamidi acknowledged his victory but expressed his lack of knowledge regarding the specific margin. He emphasized that he won at his polling unit and asserted that he is not a minor or insignificant politician.

while being interviewed on Arise TV, the acting national chairman of the Labour Party, Mr. Lamidi, confirmed his victory in his polling unit during the presidential election. However, he was unable to provide the specific margin by which he won, stating that he didn't have that information at hand. Lamidi emphasized that despite not having the margin, he is a significant politician in his own right.

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