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Sankera: Today Holds Our Great Future, Embrace Peace, Unity and Humility


_Washima Goddy

War is peace,freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, a contorted political theory of a dystopian state with sankera as the most recent victim.

Honestly, I was morbid over the news that ought to have been a happy one, when someone call to tell me that second amnesty program has been arranged for Gana and his men. The fact is, the news came with this prescient conviction in me that something is not just right.  

   Few hours later , it became clear to me that sankera with all her elders and elites have been lured into a grand conspiracy that will leave heavy dark clouds over sankera land for a time that only God and his angels can tell.

  I was not too far from the truth. Few hours down the line , gory pictures of his gruesome execution floated the cyber space. I told myself that , this singular act of erroneous execution is capable of tapping into the dark corners of human psyche . I immediately call my brother Solomon Jack Ugbidye Gbise from Abuja and shared my fears with him and he told me that he is harbouring the same feelings as mine . Remember this quote, " there is a Hitler and a Stain in every breast"

   My real fear, before the rampaging attack on the residence of katsina ala council chairman that left five lives wasted and the subsequent one on Hon Jato's ancestral home where three lives and many houses were razed down, hardly a day passes by without one or two lives falling to the barrels of these rampaging youths since their leader was slain.

 I am not taking side , I am aware of the fact that , Gana was a wanted person , so he was declared by the state. But why not fish him out from where he was hiding for four years and do to him whatever you intended ? Why wait and or drag the stakeholders in a conspiracy that left us savaged? These and many other unanswered questions on my mind .

  Its painful knowing that something is wrong and no one seems to care, its more painful knowing that one is losing control over his life, But its worst to know that you are powerless to resist . It threatens the very sense of what makes you sane, and every sanity that justifies the famous saying ," Life is worth living"


Clarity and rigor are stimulants for consciousness and resistance. How soon , I don't know. But someday I am very sure , Daniel shall come to judgment. 

The alarm bells against complacency and fatalism are here . The sense that , the future is just more of the present , the laws of survival are known , and the time to act is not better than now .



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