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PDP Needs One State to Return to Ask Rock in 2023

Few analysts would have imagined that, with the way APC swept the votes in the 2015 General Elections, they would almost be at par with PDP in 2020, especially in terms of state control distribution. The reality now is that PDP are back and strong, while APC is fast disintegrating, as similar trends which led to the collapse of PDP shortly before the 2015 elections are now very obvious in APC. Some of the trends are as follows:

1. Intra-party conflicts.

2. Top members' dissatisfaction with party activities.

3. Unpolitical way of bundling out dissatisfied members.

4. Cross-carpeting at both state and national legislative houses.

5. Party switching by state governors.

6. Anti-party stalwarts rise.

7. Emergence of more than one persons claiming to be the party's national chairman.

8. Court disqualifying their duly elected governors and legislative members.

9. Inability of the party's top echelons to resolve intra-party conflicts.

10. Gross disrespect for party directives and decisions.

11. A resurgence of tactically revamped opposition party in PDP.

12. Loss of grounds in quality states.

If in 2020, just a year into the second tenure of APC at the national level, they are already collapsing, only they can tell what will become of them when their term is completed in 2023. The signs aren't good for the party at all and the leaders aren't doing well in reconciling disgruntled members.


APC - 18 States

PDP - 17 States

APGA - 1 State

Before Oshiomole took over as APC Chairman from Oyegun, it was:

APC - 24 States

PDP - 11 States

APGA - 1 State

We can conclude that Oshiomole was a blessing in disguise for PDP. Hope the new chairman will not complete the good work Oshiomole started and return PDP to power as it is clear that APC is fast becoming the opposition party.



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