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Nnamdi Warned Nigerians About Things Like This, Now It's Happening Before Our Eyes



It is very difficult to know where to start from but let me start from PROFESSOR as an intellectual level. If I understand what it ought to be, it comes with honour and integrity and hence a justified respect. These core ingredients were not evident at the national house of assembly yesterday. 

Fainting comes with a sudden collapse of all the body system. It does not apply when one nicely sets up his hands and comfortably places his head on his nicely laid out hands. The head ought to have fallen flat on the table without any wedge considering his 90 degrees sitting position. 

This is Nigeria I guess, where the leaders celebrates being seen as a theatre of government absurdity and quantum criminality by the international community. 200 million morons according to NNAMDI KANU continues to mope like goats and business continues to go on.

At the tail end of all these shenanigans, nothing will come out of it . The crooks will all go home with their steals and morons will continue to see them as God sent leaders. The women amongst the gang will become MAMA rivers state, Mama Bayelsa state or Mama Cross river state. 

Have you ever wondered why the most populous black country in the world has not moved an inch towards real development? Gentlemen it is an inherent impairment. 

Look, success in life comes with discomfort of various degrees. Manner no longer falls from heaven if it ever did. 

The sooner we the masses ,abandons the "hope" that is associated with the heavenly Eldorados the imperial religions inculcated in us , which truly serves to make the exploited and the poor to be content with their earthly miseries , and say no to all the nonsense, our lot here on earth will remain a nightmare. 

Nnamdi kanu is indeed right in practically all that he says irrespective of his street language dispositions. 

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