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Nigeria to surpass China and the USA population by 2100

Nigeria, the most populated black country in the world, a country filled with people of different race, religion, language, colour... Nigeria is a country with over 150 languages. One of the most visited country in Africa. It is then of no wonder, that the growth of the country is increasing at a great rate.

According to World population growth forecast held by a group of scientists, the study showed that Nigeria population will surpass that of China and the USA by the year 2100.

According to the study and statistics, the 5 countries with the highest population by 2100 will be; India with about 1.09 billion, Nigeria with about 791 million, China with about 732 million, The US with about 336 million, and finally Pakistan with about 248 million.

And also the global population will be around 10.88 billion.

Wow that is such a figure, I wonder myself, what then will be the population of the world let say by the year 2500. The Earth will definitely be filled up with people.

With the high rate at which Nigeria population is increasing, I say we shouldn't just increase by numbers, we should also of course increase greatly in all other aspects; The health sector, educational sector, developmental sector, science sector and what have you.

Since two head are better than one, we all Nigerians should be as one; Igbos, Yorubas and Hausas. We should learn to love one another, support one another. We are all our brothers keeper. If this doesn't happen there is no moving forward in Nigeria. Not everything should be blamed to the government. May God help us all.

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