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Opinion: See what the government should do to stop bandits attack in the country

In our country Nigeria, there are many crimes and evil going on in the country, so many bandits, criminals and hoodlums have made the country a surviving place. But to my greatest surprise, the government have not taken any strong action against these criminals and strong hearted hoodlums. The government have not equipped and armed the security personnels well so as to fight these bandits.

So i have come to give some opinions on what the government should do to stop the bandit attack in the country.

1. Government should try and enforce the security personnels. The security personnels in the country are not well equipped and trained, and that is why the bandits are flexing power over them. If the government tries everything within their power to enforce and equip the security personals with enough arms and ammunitions, then these bandits can not be taking over the country.

2. Government should stop opening too many security personnel in the country. And this our country Nigeria apart from the army, police and some core security personnels, the government have opened so many branches of security in the country. Note you that these security personnels need an enforcement to work and money to keep up their good work. So when you are not being able to provide for them as they needed today, they might turn out to be the bandit you will be fighting tomorrow or serve as a support to bandits and hoodlums. So I'm saying here that the government should mind the way they open security personnels in the country.

3. The government should focus on the real bandits that is terrorizing the country and not the innocent people that are trying to save themselves from the hoodlums. The Herdsmen are busy killing the innocent farmers down in the South East but the government kept deaf ears on their cry instead they produced the army to fight the group of people that have decided to guard them. I know that all these things started when the killings of the fulani Herdsmen could no longer be endured.

I believe that from my above opinions and reasons, that the government can solve this issue arousing in this country Nigeria. Or what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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