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After Planning A Campaign To Burn The Koran, Checkout What Happened To This Man And His Followers

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish-Swedish politician and former lawyer. He is the founder and leader of a far-right political party in Denmark called Hard Line in English.

Paludan is a persona that courts controversy. His has strong extremists views against Islam and non-western immigrants(people who migrate to Europe from Africa, Asia). His political party espouses his anti-islamic ideology.

In April 2019, he was convicted for racism after posting anti-islamic videos on his party's social media channels and was sentenced to a three month prison term, with two of the month suspended in June 2020 after being found guilty of a 14 count charge. He was barred from working as a lawyer for three years and lost his driver's license for a year.

His life has been threatened several times and he is under constant protection from the police.

Despite this Paludan has been undettered in his anti-islamic movement. He and his followers have planned to burn the Koran publicly in various places in Europe.

In August, his supporters in Sweden's southern city of Malmo burned a Koran, causing violent protests and clashes with police.

Paludan also told a French Consulate in Conpehagen that he would burn a Koran at the Arc de Troimphe in Paris on November 11. He was expelled from France on the very same day and wasn't allowed to embark on his plan as the government saw it as a threat to public order.

(Photos of Paludan burning Muslim's holy book: PC: and Arbejderen)

A day later, five of his associates in Belgium were banished after planning to burn through Koran in a muslim-dominated area in Brussels.

Source- BBC, Wikipedia

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