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4 Reasons July 20th Could Be A Game Changer For Imolites!

It is no longer news that Gov. Uzodinma has been to the court house, on account of the law suit slammed against him recently.

These suits were filed by none other than the Reform And Advancement Party(RAP) and Mr Kingdom Okere.

They had a number of petitions filed,but what stood out for me was their stand against him being the Governor. They were of the opinion that he should step down as he occupied the seat of governance illegally.

It was on this note that the court procedures started,but were adjourned till the 20th of July.

Now 20th of July is not just a regular date,but it is on this day that the fate of Imolites will be decided. Here's Why:

1)If this Judgement is ruled in favour of Ihedioha, Imolites would rejoice because this was the one man they came out and voted for.

2)The masses who came out and protested for Ihedioha will smile because it is now as though the course of their protest has been served.

3) If these judgement favours Ihedioha, Imolites should get ready to welcome their former Governor into office with all the support needed.

4)Just in case,the ruling doesn't favour Ihedioha, Imolites should brace up,accept their fate and stand with their present Governor.

Now Jesus is the number one game changer and he is ready to change your story today. You can let Jesus in by saying this prayer with me.

Lord Jesus,come into my life.

I ask that you take away everything

That makes me fall easily

I want to live for you.

Oh Lord, may your spirit

Reside in my heart today

And take total control of my life

Now and forever more Amen.

If you said this prayer,I want you to know that angels are already rejoicing on your behalf and you're loved by God.

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