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Destiny helper prayer - Say this prayer any time of the day to attract your destiny helper

Father I thank you for the gift of life and for sound health. I come into your presence to ask that you connect me to my destiny helpers because you said I should ask and I will receive.

My destiny helpers, appear and locate me this season, in the name of Jesus and I refuse to have problems with my destiny helper, in the name of Jesus. As I pray O Lord, let your divine favour reverse negative situations in my life for good, in the name of Jesus. 

Favour of God, transform me from nobody to somebody, and let the Fire of God, locate and abolish every anti-favour power, in the name of Jesus and let any eyes that sees me rush to favour me, in the name of Jesus. 

You my legs receive the auction to walk into unmerited favour and let the blood of Jesus, deliver my destiny helpers from the wherever they are in Jesus name. 

 Every wicked foundation scaring my destiny helpers away from me, die by fire, in Jesus name and let every evil cloud, covering my destiny helper from finding me, be unveiled in Jesus name.

Destiny helpers are those God positioned to assist you fulfill your purpose on earth and when your destiny helpers are easily to come by, things fall in place for you stress free and what you have been trying to achieve for many years will just happen within the twinkling of any eye.

Divine favour over Shadows the favour of men and there is no regret whatsoever when enjoying divine favour because eternal joy and progress is accompanied by divine favour.

Destiny helpers ensures that you experience favour before he or she can take you off his or her mind. They are special people that always want to see us progress in life .

 They assist you achieve and fulfill your destiny very fast. Suffering is not experienced when you have a destiny helper for you. Irrelevant setbacks are kicked off when divine favour is speaking for you.

 Baggages  are carried away when your life is attracting destiny helpers, and this is the reason why many people suffer today as a result of no one to help them because destiny helpers are sent by God to change your level. 

Most times, It may not always be your life partners or a wealthy person, it could be someone you least expected. Sometimes destiny helper might look dirty, not well spoken or even an unorganized person. 

Their show of character may even make you hate them and In some scenario, they could be well read people who maybe very far ahead of you when it comes to exposure, education, knowledge, wisdom, , experience, finances etc. 

Just have it in mind that not all destiny helpers will be there for you till the end, they leave you once they have accomplished the mission they were sent to do in your life while some will be there till eternity. 

Most mistakes people make is that they keep seeking for their attention even when these destiny helpers have finished their purpose in your life. It is now very important to use prayers to attract more of your destiny helpers and make them stay.

With prayers, the God that brought your destiny helpers to you naturally will be there to keep them back if they are yet to fulfill their purposes in your life. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to know that they are only there in your life temporarily or for a lifetime.

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