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The Nigerian Airforce Review: Things You Need To Know.

Few days from now, the 2020/2021 Nigerian Air force recruitment excercise for trades/non-trademen and women will commence. We have decide to give out a review about this military organisation known as the Nigerian Air force.

The Nigerian Air force is one of the arms of Armed forces of Nigeria, chargesd with duty of protecting the Nigeria airspace from both external and internal aggression, and also to give air support to her sister agencies during operations/emergencies.

Established in the year 1964, and now stand as one of the largest in Africa consisting of about 15,000 personnel and various sophisticated aircrafts.

Over the years, the Nigerian Air force has shown tremendous success in the ongoing insurgency war and various internal conflicts across the sahelian regions of Nigeria. This is as a result of the structural,effective and modernization driven approach employed by the authorities of the force in the past years.

The pros;

1. Due process:

Everything in the force follows due process in accordance to existing rules and protocols.

2. Service to your father's land:

The Nigerian Air force is a great avenue for citizens to serve their country and at the same time be fulfilled with great knowledge and expectations.

3. Productive and discipline:

The air force is one of the most productive security agency in Nigeria today. officers,men and women of the Nigerian air force are highly discipline, passionate and unwavering.

4. Fair working Condition:

The Air force provide good and fair working conditions for her officers,men and civilian staff for effective discharge of their duties.

5. Higher pay cheque:

Unlike the army, the Nigerian Air force has a well sustainable pay cheque for its officers and men.

Additionally, the air force also provide oppo rtunities for are men and women to pursue higher education, unlike the army where the chances are slim.


#. Posting which keeps you away from your family.

#. The issue of god fatherism.

#. The unexpected.

Despite the cons in the service, I will say it worth a try. Especially for those who have the passion and also in consideration of the unemployment in Nigeria.

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