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Politics May As Well be Defined as an Industry in Nigeria, Just Like Entertainment, Sports (Opinion)

Nigerian Politics has many sides and if you look closely, you may see patterns and characteristics that explain this.

Many organized industries have got the big players but under different names, associations, wings, etc, but they all work together to protect where they are feeding from irrespective of their differences.

Politics howbeit, was suppose to be a fulcrum for society to hinge her leadership seats, devoted to the good of all they have sworn to serve.

But in Nigeria, it is not so.

Many of those in politics have morphed it into a money making venture where by the things they do for their people are like "the social or corporate social works/responsibilities" to their own people, not a duty.

That is why it is like a donation galore when protects are to be commissioned as though the leader did it out of his own purse.

The populace have been so accustomed to this to the point that, the Entertainment and other organized industries can easily include politics into their statistics to measure the dividends even in returns on investment.

It ought not to be so, politics is suppose to be a vehicle to funnel those who will serve and not those who will be used to use others.

it can be different, it can be better.

Nigeria can do better, We will do better.

Imagine our leaders taking the bull by the horn to rebuild the legacy of Nigeria, their names will be written in gold in the sands of time.

Imagine the electorate decide not to be used to perpetuate violence, avarice and looting but insist that what is proper be done for the good of all. Ill will or wickedness will diminish naturally and a new wave of hope will spring forth.

Community projects, state projects and even federal project will not be considered a favour done by the government to her people but as a fulfillment of the thrust they were handed when assuming office.

If we get this right as a nation, there are not many other things that we will not get right.

The quest to serve will no longer be driven by quest for material gain or aggrandizement but a tussle for service and accountability for the purpose of effectiveness and gratitude for being entrusted with such authority over a people or to act on behalf of a people.

let the politics industry as it may be known for performance and innovation. Expansion of values so much so, that it can ripple across the continent and the world at large as an example to model. it is possible!!!

We may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but we can speed up the reading and ticking of the clock to meet out desired objective as a people, as a nation.

Of course, our diversity has to be carried along but on trust, built on love and shared vision will be in the driver seat.

Once again, it is possible, our collective positive actions an accelerate this opinion.

Kindly share your thoughts.

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