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Opinion: The Attacks In The South East & Imminent Danger It Poses To The Development Of The Zone

The question everybody is asking about the recent attacks that have been happening in the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria is, "What happened to the AKO NA UCHE?". The Igbo man is thought to be wise people from the East, the land of the rising sun? But the South-East is now tragically heading North-East.

File Photo from Joe Igbokwe's House that was burnt yesterday for illustration

The South-East, once conquered and yet not vanquished, tranquil since the civil war ended, has now chosen self-liquidation by gradual self-mutilation. Assassinations, arson, death threats, arbitrariness, violence, the banishment of free speech, Bokoharamism, and Talibanism are the philosophy of the emerging culture. It’s striving to replace the Igbo collegiate communal leadership, industry, hard work, the sanctity of human lives.

The wonderful Igbo people, no doubt, are reputed for their creative ingenuity, innovative powerhouse, and industrial pragmatism. In the area of commerce, they remain enigmatic personalities and the world's best example in terms of industry. And Igbo land remains a foreseeable African -South Korea in the make. Also, in other areas of life's endeavors and many disciplines they are proudly wonderful people and excellent beings and shining examples of human ingenuity and exceptionalism.

Now, who are the ones to be described as the saboteurs among them? Must their renowned legendary Republican's spirit be disappearing into extinction or oblivion? Are there no other civil methods that can be applied by the agitators in pursuing their self-determination without the shedding of the blood of their innocent kith and kindred? Why must they allow the industrial hub of the nation turned into a battlefield typically of the anarchy of Somalia nation God forbids?

This is not to cast aspersions against their agitations, but the ongoing brouhaha in the beautiful Igbo land is just like internecine warfare that respects no one, where anyone can be a victim. And there must be a tactical method to everything. To destroy is very easy but to rebuild is not an easy thing to do, and of course, the ugly side of the war of attrition that claimed innocent lives remains that those lives that have been claimed can never be brought back to life again.

In addition, the nature of man as we all know can be mischievous and hypocritical, hence it is feared that out of mere envy and misplaced jealousy many of the best people in Igbo land might end up paying the supreme price from the hands of the never do well or have their businesses destroyed.

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