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See The Tribe In Which Young Boys Are Made To Drink The Semen Of Their Elders.

They are a lot of odd and bizzare traditions that are still being practiced in the world today.

A tribe by name the Sambian tribe which is located in Papau New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean makes they young boys to drink they semen of their elders in order to make them strong.

At they young age of seven they boys of they Sambian tribe are taken away from the society for a period of 10 years in which they are made to drink they semen of their elders and abstain from all forms of sex with the opposite sex.

They purpose for which they young boys are drink they semen of their elders is to make them strong and prepare them to face adulthood.

They young boys practice this tradition for a period of 10 years and it's to prepare them for adulthood.

What do you think about this odd traditions being practiced in the Sambian tribe.

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