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Opinion:Reasons Why Nigerians may not elect the right candidate for the presidential election.

Nigerians are more than determined to participate in the forthcoming presidential elections which would be held on the 25 of February 2023 barely in two days despite the hardships in the country.

Image of Electoral Conduct.

The country's currently dealing with a wide range of economic and security issues, from cash and fuel, to an increase in terrorism attacks, high inflation, and a falling local currency.

Their hopes for a new and better country lie in their ability to elect the right and capable candidate for the job, however, there might be factors opposing that, which are

1. Tribalism: looking at the fact that the three most popular presidential candidates are indigenes from the three different major tribes in Nigeria, it is somehow a division to the tribalistic individuals.

Image of the three most popular presidential candidates.

From the campaigns so far, you can see the reason a lot of people are giving their support to a particular Candidate is simply that they're from the same tribe and not that they're convinced that the candidate can make Nigeria better.

To them, a candidate from their tribe is the best and right choice forgetting that politics should be about credibility and accountability.

2. Religion; development of one's moral standards and good moral judgment is significantly influenced by religious belief and practice. 

The fact that the candidates are of different religions could affect the decision-making because Nigeria as a whole is made of religious people including those of the extremists, which could lead to a large percentage of people voting for a candidate of their religious group.

Another Image of the 2023 presidential candidate.

Illiteracy; Now this is a common thing between being religious and tribalistic, the illiterate don't even understand his/her rights in the country, they cannot fight for themselves cause they have been stripped of their self-esteem and self-ability.

The likes of thugs, hoodlums, and they're easily compromised, they are mostly used by political parties to disrupt and compromise peaceful activities, especially elections, and currently, Nigeria is not free of them.

Image of Hoodlums constituting nuisance.

Mind you illiteracy doesn't only refer to being uneducated, it can also be a mindset, some people are academically sound but very ignorant, not properly oriented and this ignorance could make an impact on the forthcoming elections. 

A lot of people also have the mindset that their vote doesn't count but I would suggest that such thoughts are neglected and the right thing which is to play the part of a good citizen be acknowledged in the forthcoming elections.

Another Image of Electoral conduct.

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