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South Africa's president bans alcohol in South Africa

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has stopped alcohol and it sale across the borders of South Africa. In accordance with this, the president said that everyone must wear his nose mask.

The PRESIDENT of South Africa said that Alcohol would be an illegal thing as from midnight which is the early hours of Tuesday. He siad this while Televising his speech.

Added to that, he said it is very compulsory that everyone wears a nose mask. Despite the fact that Afica has been the lowest among the continents with the case of Covid, south Africa has the highest case in Africa.

He said that the banning of Alcohol would be temporary so as to ease emergency.

The President of South Africa has really shown himself to be competent as he as taken so many strategies, to make sure that the case of Covid 19 reduces in the state.

Despite the unhealthy health Facilities, Covid has been very low In Africa, but the case in south Africa is relatively high. And for this sake the government of South Africa is reducing and temporarily banning Alcohol

Content created and supplied by: Mohdi (via Opera News )

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