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Only Defeating Nigeria will give us peace and progress - ex Boko haram men revealed

The compound wears the toga of any normal military barracks. It remains quiet all the time and is flustered with the aura of being forlorn. But the Malam Sidi Camp of the Nigerian Army has many buildings scattered in the massive compound tucked away in a conspicuous roadside in Lawanti town, Akko Local Government Area of Gombe State.

Like any other military establishment, it enjoys 24-hour surveillance and scrutiny by eagle-eyed military personnel, who are eager to frisk any visitor to their pants before authorizing entry into the place.  Although there is nothing avaunt-garde about the compound, there are very important persons who are housed there for very special purpose. Of a truth, the occupants may not command any serious attention because of their physical appearance.

Many of them may not attract a generous handshake from most Nigerians because of their physique but their current status in the ongoing campaign by the Nigerian military to end the cycle of insurgency and terrorism in the country makes them the cynosure of anyone who steps into the camp any day. If any success is to be made in the adoption of non-violent approach in ending the ongoing war between Nigeria and insurgents in the north, the testament of these category of men, may help. That is why they occupy a special place in the heart of top military commanders who have been deeply involved in ending the onslaught that has tasked the nation and its resources since it assumed a war status in 2009.

These men who have been consigned to these building can rightly be described as history-makers because of the status conferred on them by the Nigerian government and circumstances that drove them there in the first place.

They are Nigerian men drawn from no fewer than seven local government areas of the country, who were either conscripted into the Boko Haram fighting force or voluntarily enlisted into the virulent group in order to achieve its set goal of turning Nigeria into their caliphate. In this category are no fewer than 606 mostly young adult males who have denounced terrorism and association with the Boko Haram sect and embraced the Federal Government’s De-radicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, DRR, programme, which is anchored by a special unit called ‘Operation Safe Corridor, OPSC, and coordinated by Major General Bamidele Ashafa of the Nigerian Army and Brig. Gen. Musa Ibrahim as the Commandant, who sees face to the face with the former Boko Haram elements daily and attends to their daily needs, including training, welfare and capacity building to be able to face the future with hope and confidence after leaving the camp. In order to give them a good sense of belonging, the former fighters (not all of them were gun-wielding but carried out designated chores for the sect inside the bush) these repentant men are not taunted as ex-Boko Haram fighters or members by the government but are ingeniously designated and addressed as ‘Clients’ and given all the necessary support and encouragement they need in order to turn a new leave and become useful to themselves and the larger society.

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