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What Nigerians Can Learn From Today's Capitol Hill Raid By Trump Supporters.

A lot of Nigerians have been quick to justify trump throughout the US election and while some support him simply because they believe he a Christian and stuff like that... Others are more skeptical.

Trump for a long time has been spreading conspiracy theories on election propelling his followers to get violent. The event at the capitol Hill today is not the first time we are seeing trump supporters go violent. During the elections, there where a lot of fight between Biden and trump supporters.

But what can we learn from this election. We need to understand that things are not always the way they seem especially in politics, Trump looked like a great president for America especially because of how much he was invested in the economy but he failed to understand that a country is not a business. As much as unemployment rate went down dramatically during his tenure before covid didn't mean that people forgot about the things he said in conferences and the laws he put out.

Before you go about judging or saying things, you should look at the situation. Trump might be God chosen to you as a Nigerian but the American people know why they don't like him. Imagine somebody telling you that Buhari is the best president simply because the media is always carrying news on how he fights corruption.

Trump took hours before he made any tweet to the protesters which is very unlike trump which a whole lot of people suggesting that trump actually led this protesters to do this. Trump would definitely make a great Nigerian president but for America.... I really doubt he's the one. There is a reason why Obama is one of the most loved US presidents ever.

Hope you enjoyed this short piece. 

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