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If You Do These Things, You Are An Enemy Of Nigeria[Opinion]

As a matter of fact, you do not have to be gun-totting against the nation, before you are declared as an enemy.

Your actions, best explains who you are, regardless of whether you are a citizen of Nigeria or not.

Here Are Some Actions, The Best Shows That You May Be An Enemy Of Nigeria:

1. Lack Of Transparency In Public Offices:

If you are a public office holders and you, engage yourself in shady activities, like bribery corruption and nepotism, you are a true enemy of our dear country, Nigeria.

2. Theft Of Public Social Amenties:

If you are of the habit of carting away equipments, placed by government to improve the standard of living of the people, you are a true enemy of the state. For instance, many individuals involve themselves in the stealing of electricity transformers, without giving consideration to the fact that many fellow citizens, will be thrown into darkness, on account of the that theft.

3. If You Tarnish Our Country's Image, Before The Rest Of The World:

If you endlessly seek criminal ways to being the Nigerian Government to disrepute, through your criminal activities, carried out on Nigerians, you are surely an enemy of our great nation.

4. When You Witness Criminal Activities And Make No Effort To Report To The Necessary Authorities:

When you see criminal activities, taking place in your environment and you decide to turn a blind eye, to such activities, you are indeed acting like an enemy of the state.

5. If You Engage In Tribalism:

Our dear country, is made up of several tribes and languages, hence if you favour and wish you tribesmen alone, you are indeed an enemy of our dear Nation, as you have yet to realize that our unity is truly in our diversity.

If you fall under this category, you are indeed acting like an enemy of our dear Nation and you need to change.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_chunde (via Opera News )



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