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The Presidential Aspirant Capable Of Making A Difference For Nigeria If Elected Into Office In 2023

The 2023 general elections are just by the corner with just two years left for the current administration to come to an end.

Nigeria has gone through so much under the current administration. It has been very difficult for many people to survive. Although they claim that they have provided jobs for the citizens, the level of poverty continues to rise on a daily basis in the country.

We cannot continue to deny that we are suffering. People only deny the truth because we are responsible for anything we are going through to. We had the opportunity to choose those that were suppose to lead us in the right path, but we made the wrong choice.

We will have another opportunity in 2023. We should not make thesame mistake again. Any mistake would be costly as this would lead to a greater problem.

I believe we do not want what happened in 2020 to repeat itself again. Yes, we were affected by the global pandemic. However, the way it was handled in the country was not right at all.

The way forward

The Country is suffering from poor leadership. This has led to a stagnant and backward state of living in the country.

However, we need to start thinking and doing things that will get us out of the shallow state. We cannot keep mumbling and complaining. We can not solve our problems like that.

Inorder to have a brighter future, we must start doing what is right for us.

Despite the fact that the government is corrupt, we should not determine our future based on the corrupt government.

So many Nigerians are guilty of eating their future and destinies during election period. They allow themselves to be swayed by the bribe and fake promises that these politicians make. This is a crime to human existence and our future. We cannot continue giving ourselves to men who will not do what they are suppose to do. The average citizen has no concern for who he votes for. He is only desirous of the N2000, N1000 or N500 that he will receive for casting his vote. This kind of mentality is what is killing us. We do not know the difference between right and wrong. We accuse the leaders of being corrupt but we the followers are even more corrupt. The wrong mindset we possess about how to cast our votes has affected the very essence of democracy and we cannot do anything about it. We will have to reap the consequences of the unrighteous seeds we have down.

As 2023 General Elections are fast approaching, we need to get ourselves ready for more suffering if we are not ready to make the right choice. We must look away from the initial gratification of the N2000 naira they want to give to us. We must throw away our lustful desires that do not profit in the long run. We must begin to prepare ourselves to be free, fair and honest in casting our votes. Nothing will change until we change.

The funny thing about Nigeria now is that indeed everything has changed. We are receiving the proper pay of our own mistake.

There has been a huge drop in our economy, low standard of living, high crime rate, Kidnapping and all manner of evil which befall us everyday.

The man That Can Serve The People

The men we blindly elected into office are not willing to serve the country for the greater good. They are only concerned about stealing public funds, creating havoc and fear in people, they are not available when the nation needs them.

It is so sad, that some of these men actually sponsor terrorism in the country. How on Earth are we going to solve the issue of banditry if all these things still exist?

To be honest, we can only help ourselves when we elect the right person into power.

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