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Checkout Festival of the Dead in Chewa Society where water from dead people are used to prepare meal

Chewa people are matriarchal Bantu-speaking ethnic group living Central, East and Southern Africa. They are found in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The Chewa are closely related to people in surrounding regions such as the Tumbuka and Nsenga

The Chewa community is a Bantu tribe mostly found in Malawi. During the burial ceremony of a tribe member, it is customary for the body of the deceased to be washed. The corpse is taken to a sacred place where the cleansing is done by slitting the throat of the dead and pouring water through the insides of the dead and extracted through the anterior region of the dead body .The water is then collected and used to prepare a meal for the whole community as they believe that the dead has been cleaned up of his or her iniquities. 

it is the custom of the people that when a tribe member dies, the body is taken to a sacred place and cut open at the throat. Water is then poured through the hole and squeezed down the stomach until it comes out through the anus.This process is done repeatedly until the water comes out clean. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this water is used to prepare food for the entire tribe. It was the belief that when someone dies, the whole village must show up. This is because among the Chewa, death is not natural; it is usually caused by witchcraft.

Since the Chewa believe that witchcraft only works on family members, those who might have killed a person would be scared to go to the funeral. It’s decreed that all family members must attend the funeral which means the whole village attends since they are generally all related

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