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Strange Law: See A Town Where It Is Illegal To Die Without Buying A Burial Plot

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Death is something that all men will surely experience but no one knows the actual date or time his going to die.

Nowadays, peoples in now Prepares for their death. We have seen many cases of people buying caskets before they die, people paying for their burial expenses, people showing their kids and family where they must be buried e.t.c.

The Government of a particular town in France called Sarpourenx has made it compulsory for all citizens to buy a burial plot where they will be buried after they kick the bucket.

The Government made the decision after they found out that people just die randomly on the streets expecting their bodies to be buried by Government. This act is considered as been rude by the Government.

And anybody that does not obey this law in the town will surely be punished. Guess it's those Governing the town that knows how they will punish someone that is already dead.

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