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There’s no governor that served the Zamfara people like I did - Ex Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz

Former Zamfara state governor, Abdulaziz Yari, has recently ignited a flurry of reactions with his response to a question concerning his efforts to alleviate poverty in the state. In an interview on Arise TV, where Yari discussed his bid for the position of Senate President, Rufai Oseni posed a query regarding the impact he had made during his tenure as governor.

Yari's response to the question took an unexpected turn as he questioned the relevance of discussing poverty alleviation in relation to the position of Senate President. He highlighted the fact that he was not the first governor of Zamfara state and emphasized that poverty was a pervasive issue throughout the entire country, one that could not be resolved through mere acts of magic.

Underscoring the gravity of the issue, Yari further probed how many people in Nigeria were currently living in abject poverty. These remarks made by Yari during the interview have triggered a wide range of reactions from the public.

The former governor's assertion that poverty is a nationwide problem carries weight and cannot be easily dismissed. Poverty in Nigeria is a multifaceted issue deeply rooted in socio-economic factors such as unemployment, limited access to education and healthcare, inadequate infrastructure, and corruption. These challenges extend far beyond the boundaries of a single state, making it a matter that demands attention at the national level.

While it is true that Yari was not the sole cause of poverty in Zamfara state, critics argue that his response missed an opportunity to showcase the efforts he made during his tenure to address the issue. As a governor, he had a duty to implement policies and programs aimed at uplifting the lives of the people he governed. By redirecting the question to the broader context of national poverty, some perceive Yari's response as an attempt to evade accountability for his actions or lack thereof in Zamfara.

On the other hand, there are those who applaud Yari for highlighting the systemic nature of poverty and the need for a comprehensive approach to combat it. By drawing attention to the magnitude of poverty in Nigeria, Yari brings to the forefront the urgency for collective action and the involvement of all stakeholders to tackle this deeply entrenched problem. Poverty eradication requires coordinated efforts from the government, civil society organizations, private sector, and the international community.

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