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It will be disrespectful for British government to support 'Biafra or 'Oduduwa' after colonising us.

After the UK government through its prime minister Boris Johnson, made a remark concerning offering Biafra secessionist group (IPOB) asylum,

I took time to ponder over the issue, and realized it will be disrespectful for Britain who colonized and also amalgamated us (Nigeria) to support any agitation for separation.

It is no longer news that even the yoruba people have resumed plans to form their own nation called 'Oduduwa' and both IPOB members are looking at the British government to support them and possibly compel FG to grant them freedom from Nigeria.

But that will be disrepectful, because UK already called us one nation back in 1901 and since then, all plans to divide Nigeria has been failing.

Even the federal government will not allow any external party to decide what happens in our country, because we have sovereignty just like every other strong nation.

But the fact remains, any attempt to support Biafra or Oduduwa movement, after being colonized by the British government will be disrepectful.

What do you think?

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