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See who is the Best President in Nigerian History, And why He's the Best. - (OPINION)

It is obvious that many people will have their difference options and argument on their their differences as we know that Nigeria is made of of : THE NORTH,THE SOUTH THE EAST AND THE WEST.

Well had difference Leaders in Nigeria, right form the time before Nigeria gotten her Independent in 1960. So with history we can assimilate their performance in the country.

There are many good Presidents as well to be listed, but there's a particular person that if death should've allowed he would've impact more and more best of his rekindle performance.

Looking deeply into the assimilation, the best well to know president goes to Late, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'Adua.

His life History:

Yar'Adua... Became a Nigerian President in 2007 and Serve the Office till 2010 when Death persuaded him off.

He was born on August 1957

Died on May 2010

Form Katsina state (Northern Region)


1. Yar'Adua became the very first President to reduce the price of fuel to the satisfaction of Nigerians.

2. The most Peaceful President in Nigerian History: He provided AMNESTY to the NIGER DELTA MILITANT that was vandalizing the Oil wells and Pipel. And for that reason , most of them surrender thier guns and embraces Peace.

3. He gave Political Appointments and National Infrastructure in Equal level to all the regions in Nigeria, no Discrimination nor Racism.

4. He always put Nigeria first in all he does both Nationally and International levels.

5. In no doubt, Year'Adua was so believe by all to be a Visionary, Missionary, A man of Integrity and Honesty.

Only if Death Could've have Allowed him to Impact more to the life of Nigerians

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