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Why Asari Dokubo Believes That the South Is Not Ready For The Presidency in 2023

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The clamour for the southern presidency has been a recurring debate for a long time. But the agitation has been heightened following the demand by the Southern Governors Forum for power shift to the South in 2023.

The southern Governors made the demand as part of a 12 point resolution during their summit in March 2023. But they were quickly rebuked by stakeholders from the North who slammed them for not consulting with them before making such “unilateral” demand.

And recently, the Northern Governors Forum came hard on their southern colleagues and labelled their demands as unconstitutional. Kaduna State Governors Nasir El Rufai said it was foolish.

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Recently, Niger Delta militant Asari Dokubo, who has been unusually quiet for long, weighed in on the matter. In an interview with Punch, he declared that the South was not ready for power in 2023. That came as a surprise to many.

But Asari Dokubo has his reasons for saying that. So, why did he say so? That shall be the focus of this article.

The people who want to benefit are not fighting

Asari Dokubo told Punch that the people that desire to benefit are not fighting. In essence, the former militant leader is criticizing the Southern politicians for being laid back and allowing the Northern politicians to take charge of the initiative of power shift.

Truly, this is not a case of trying to pitch the South against the North, it is a matter of justice and fairness because the north has had her chance with President Muhammadu Buhari whose tenure elapses in 2023, so it is naturally expected that the South will have her turn.

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Unfortunately, that is not likely to be the case as the North is reorganizing and mobilizing to ensure that a Northern President emerges after Buhari. Several influential Northern groups including Northern Elders Forum and Arewa Consultative Youth Forum have come out to say that they do not support the power shift to the South. In particular, the President of ACYF said he was going to deploy the might of the Northern voters against power shift.

Sadly, this is very much in line with the position of the Northern Governors Forum.

But the threats and innuendos from the north have not been matched by the Southern politicians who stand to benefit the most from the process. So, the Asari Dokubos interview is a direct message to the South to stand for her right and refuse to bow to the political antics of the Northern power brokers. 

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There was no debate about power rotation more than six years ago when Buhari emerged, why should there be one now that it’s the turn of the South?

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