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Why Northern Leader Said That The South East Is To Be Blame for Her Inability To Produce A President

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For many years the South East has been lamenting about being marginalised from Nigeria political calculation and not being able to rise to the highest political office in the country. The Igbos have heaped a large portion of the blame on the Hausa Fulani oligarchy.

But in a recent interview President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum Yerima Shettima deflected the blame. Speaking in a recent media interview Shetima said that the Igbos are to blame for their political exclusion.

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Why did he say that the Igbos are to blame? And what are his recommendation to change the narrative? This article will analyse two critical issues Shettima raised.

Most Igbos don't get deeply involved in politics

Shettima in his comment noted that Igbo want to eat their political cake have it at the same time. That means they don't want to get involved in politics, yet they want to reap the gain. Shetimma is right here. And this does not pertain to the South East alone. Almost the entire South is lacklustre when it comes to politics. During voter registration, the South East ignore the exercise yet the region will be the first to complain when a Northern candidate emerges.

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If the political fortunes of the South-East must change, the region must take the bull by the horn and get deeply involved in the political process just the same way the North does.

You can't just threaten people then get The Presidency

Shetitma also pointed out that political offices are not gotten by confrontation but through constructive consultation. This is another important comment. The Igbos must come down from their high horse of "self-importance" and submit to the demands of constructive engagement. The region must dorm alliance across the aisle. This is even more important because the region has a small population, so it need help from other regions with big population to actualise its political dreams on the federal level.

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For instance, the issue of the Igbo presidency has been very contentious and even volatile. But the South East cannot get the presidency by shouting marginalisation here and there. But it must submit to the rules engagement, which is one of the fundamental pillars of demand. The truth is that nothing is far in life, however, we must learn to make the most of situations.

Do you agree that South East is to blame for its marginalisation?

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