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Remember Nigeria Air? Its Been 2 Years Since It Was Launched in London With No Single Aircraft.

It was a day of fanfare and high level celebration in the ancient city of London as many men of timber and caliber in the aviation industry came to honour this invitation sent out by the Nigeria government.

It was July 18th 2018, Hadi Sirika, Nigeria's honourable Minister of Aviation gathered all the who is who in the aviation sub-sector at the Farnborough Air Show in London to launch what we were made to understand will be our National carrier christened "Nigeria Air"

It was a very successful launch and many Nigerians had a renewed sense of national pride as we waited for the aircraft to roll out.

The logo was designed in faraway Arab republic of Bahrain with huge sums of money running into millions of Naira while Nigerian designers stared surprisingly with "mouth wide open" wondering why we preach "Buy Nigeria" but patronize foreign designers.

But its been two years and one day today, no office, no address, no staff, no aircraft, no email, no phone number, no website. Nothing to show for all the millions reportedly spent on this "white elephant project"

The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika announced the suspension of the project via a tweet two months after the London launch.

BBC News in its report of 20th September 2018 announcing the suspension used this bold headline "Nigeria Air relaunch grounded"

Many Nigerians who were disappointed with the government started making funny memes to ease the feeling disappointment.

Some handline APC supporters were left in limbo because this sad development shattered their dreams of laughing at "wailers"

But the Million Dollar question now is; when is Nigeria Air project coming to fruition?

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