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Nigeria is better than all other countries on the Earth — UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohamed

Amina Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, has urged young Nigerians to be proud of their country and to refrain from condemning it.

According to Amina Mohammed, Nigeria is not only blessed by God but is also the best country on earth, even despite the challenges facing the country.

Ms. Amina made these claims at an event organized by Baze University, Abuja during the weekend.

While speaking to young people, she asserts that every nation on the planet has faced difficult challenges at some point in history, including successive governments in some of Africa's most powerful countries, but they have never given up hope. The same should also be the disposition of Nigerians towards the country.

She said: "You have an education, you have the tools and a huge future ahead of you, yet, you are writing yourself off even before you start on that journey. Don't do it! Be proud of your country Nigeria; do not condemn her and do not lose hope.

"If that's what you wish for your country, that’s the way it will go. Even if the country is not so good, you need to wish it to succeed, because the success of Nigeria is yours. If Nigeria fails, we will have a "conflict.

"How are you going to turn Nigeria around if you believe it is worse than it is? I'm not sure where you want to go if you don't want to help grow our country. I assure you that the world is not prepared to accept 240 million Nigerians. As a result, let us consider how we may recover it together.

"Though I agree that we have not fully reached our potential as a country as a result of successive governments, I disagree that there is no hope; I disagree with the condemnation of Nigeria. "Nigeria is a wonderful country and the best country on the planet."

M. Amina Mohammed also advised the youths in Nigeria not to shy off from the God-given responsibility of working together with the government to build up the country to reach its full potential.

She said: "It is important that young people participate. There is no need to throw stones at any government institution unless you are willing to enter that government and make a difference. It may take a lifetime, but people must make the necessary sacrifices. There will be a significant difference if enough of us push in the right direction. " 

M. Amina not only explained why Nigeria is the best country on the planet but also why every Nigerian should strive to work with the government to ensure that Nigeria remains the best country.

According to her, if we are not proud of Nigeria and continue to wish for its demise, the result will be a crisis after a crisis. And the truth is, no country in the world will be ready to accept over 240 million Nigerians. 

So, rather than dismissing the country, we should be proud of it; it will benefit young people to accept Nigeria as the best country and support her rather than condemn her. 

Do you agree with what she said? Let's know what you think about this in the comment section.

Credit: Sahara Reporters.

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