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How Many Times Have You Heard Presidents Of Smaller Country Goes To Uk For Medical Tourism : Reno

As a Nigerian, how many times have you heard that the Presidents of smaller African nations, like Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda went on medical tourism to England? Why are we independent only to have our leader dependent on UK? That’s why you should join me to


We really need to think about this. I've never heard any other African leader travel abroad for medical except the Nigerian leaders. What type of examples are they laying.

It is a huge shame that our leaders are shameless. How can a family man with children go to another family to be fed while his family is ravishing in starvation? What happens to self-respect? Our leaders are the symbol of post-colonial slavery. I feel so pained for Nigeria as a whole.

We can't take this no more. We can't keep allowing our presidents to keep visiting UK for medical attention. I am very sure he is not spending out of his own pocket. We can use the same money to finance our health sector. What stops us from having d best medical centre in this nation?

Here's someone from Kenya boldly claim they have the best health sector. Can we also boast of that?

• Sir, I'm your Kenyan disciple. Kenya has largest economy in East and Central Africa region. We have The Nairobi Hospital that addresses all VVIP Health issues.

One of the northern challenging Reno out of ignorance.


By Murtari Muhammad Bello 

It is unfortunate that Reno Omokri can insult and be ungrateful to northern Nigeria. He was born, schooled and grew up in sokoto. Reno Omokri's father came to sokoto for his NYSC and, on completion

But Justice Umar was neither a bigot nor unfair. He allowed Justice Omokri to be a justice of the court of appeal on sokoto ticket. Besides Justices Maidamma Yabo, Usman Mohammed and Umaru Kalgo, no Sokoto, Kebbi or Zamfara indigene enjoyed that privilege at that time. (Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara Ststes) that made him what he is? How can he, a beneficiary of northern resources, be this ungrateful?

It was from Sokoto State that he got his elevation to the Court of Appeal. In fact, one of the accusations against the then Chief Judge, Justice Ibrahim Umar, was why would he allow the Sokoto slot at the Court of Appeal to be filled by a non-indigene. 

was engaged by the Sokoto State Ministry of Justice as a State Counsel. Nobody discriminated against him that, in spite of qualified lawyers at that time, he rose to the position of DPP.

He was elevated to the bench as a judge of the Sokoto State High Court.

• So being against buhari bad governance is now being against the north, u people have a long way to go in that north. Because the problems that await u will be greater than what u people are experiencing now. Better sit up and save the north before itz will become too late for u guys , one thing is for sure, rich people don't know anything like north, South, east, or west, buhari don't care about north but he care about himself and family, same thing go to most rich people out there.

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