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The Pages Of The Album Of Great Performance And Achievements Of Emeka Ihedioha When He Was In Office


It's from the egg that the cock is known. A good cultural dancer is known from his very first few dance-steps. First impressions are the most important. When you see a lover of people, you know.

His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON, is a lover of people. Generally, lovers of people are known as people-oriented. Their words and deeds soon expose their love for people and humanity. That defines the predominant nature, character and conduct of the former number sixth Nigerian.

Right from his veering off the lane of voters into the lane of those to be voted for in 2003, Ihedioha signalled his love for people and humanity on a more serious note.

He began to show what a representative of the people should be and how he should conduct affairs pertaining to the people. He represented the Aboh Mbaise/Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2015.

Beginning with his immediate constituency, he dished out programmes and projects in an unprecedented way and manner in Imo State. And before long, he extended his programmes and projects to the entire 305 wards and 27 LGAs of Imo State.

One of his strong turfs was human capital development. He blazed the trail and showed other lawmakers that provision of skills acquisition training and empowerment for Imo youths and women was the best thing they can give back to those that voted for them and handed them their mandates.

During the campaign period, I constantly churned out the endless list of recorded programmes and projects of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ihedioha in twelve years.

Time has passed and much water has passed under the bridge since he performed those feats from the National Assembly in Abuja. I will rather dwell on the present and more current people-oriented programmes and projects since 2015 till date.

When in February 2018, Ihedioha made public his intention to run again for Douglas House, a large number of people, including men, women and youths volunteered to accord him support. 

Soon, various support groups emerged and continued to emerge. Then begun the physical consultations with the people of Imo PDP, "the real owners of Imo PDP" as he described them; throughout the 305 wards and 27 LGAs of the State.

Volunteers and groups trooped behind him wherever he went. Their following him wasn't because he had any palmfronds in his hands. If at all, there was any motivation, it must be the rememberance of his generosity during his hey days in the National Assembly, where he shone like a million stars with people-oriented programmes and projects. He is a people's man!

Fast forward to the Imo PDP guber primary election. He won with a wide margin. More delegates cast their votes for him than those that cast votes for other aspirants and contestants.

Fast forward to the election proper on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Nearly 300,000 Imo people cast their votes for PDP and Ihedioha to make win the election with nearly 100,000 votes more than the runner-up. That was a symbolic show of love by Imo people!

Fast forward to the setting up of the Transition Technical Committee (TTC), the Governor-elect assembled near 400 Imo intellectuals, technocrats and professionals. And shortly after he put together another near 500 people in his Inauguration Planning Committee. Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is simply a people's man!

Fast forward once again to the actual delivery of government and governance from May 29, 2019 when he was inaugurated as governor to January 14, when he stepped aside. Virtually all his programmes and projects were people-oriented. 

The biometric verification of pensioners. The resolve to pay salaries and pensions, no matter the financial status of the State. The resolve to pay counterpart fundings. The resolve to fix major Imo roads. The resolve to pay contractors as agreed. The resolve to restore technical education. The resolve to provide modern training and skills in technology and agriculture to thousands of Imo youths. All were based on the people-oriented vision of Governor Ihedioha.

The resolve to restore public water supply. The resolve to restore public electricity supply in places where they had been cut off for years. The resolve to save Ezemazu Community in Urualla, Ideato North from being washed away by gully erosion. The resolve to procure modern state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment. All were people-oriented!

The resolve to restore Dan Anyiam Stadium and Grasshoppers Stadium in Owerri. The resolve to construct 27 mini-stadiums and 27 Administrative Secretariats in the 27 LGAs. The resolve to construct 2700 school desks and seats. And the resolve to procure road maintenance equipment and machinery for the 27 LGAs. All were people-oriented!

I can go on and on. Governor Ihedioha's decision to inculcate respect for rule of law and due process. His decision to restore respect to all, particularly the traditional institution and the religious institution. His gentle manners towards Imo people, his show of mercy, love, sympathy and empathy for Imo people. All count as people-oriented posture of the RebuildImo administration led by Governor Ihedioha!

It's little wonder, therefore, that Imo people endeared themselves to him. No leader with people-oriented programmes and projects will fail. The people will stand by him in all circumstances! 

In this short essay commemorating the award-winning seven-month RebuildImo administration, I felt like opening the pages of the album of great performance and achievements of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha when he was in office. Thanks for being there!

By God's grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!

Content created and supplied by: Dikegodspower2 (via Opera News )

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