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2023: this is the only Igbo WOMAN that can boost Atiku's presidential ambition

Two things that defines an outstanding politician are:

1. Ability to make cogent political alignments and

2. Flexibility in his strategic approach.

As a staunch supporter of Atiku Abubakar (who I believe is the messiah that will lead Nigeria to the promised land), I want him to kick start his presidential campaign by making cogent improvements to his previous political strategies ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

Also, as much as I want him to retain his previous "Hausa-Igbo" strategic alignment, which he employed in the 2019 presidential election (by choosing Peter obi as his running mate), I think it will be better if he improves that strategy a little more in order to fortify himself ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

Without any doubt, Atiku Abubakar has what it takes to beat any other presidential aspirant to the presidential mantle. there is no single politician in country that can boast of the kind of influence and political strength that Atiku has. However, to consolidate this advantage ahead of 2023, he must be ready to make bold decisions and effect necessary changes to his campaign team no matter who gets affected.

His "Hausa- Igbo" political strategy is a very good one, it worked well for him in 2019 even though he lost to president Muhammadu Buhari. However, he now has a clear shot at the presidency, and I believe he will become the next president of Nigeria if he play his cards well.

To achieve his presidential ambition, he must add an emotional factor to his political game by bringing a woman into the picture. By bringing a woman, I mean choosing a woman as his running mate ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

I have heard many political analysts discuss important strategies that will boost the chances of presidential aspirants to win the next election, but no one has ever considered the "woman factor" strategy.

Women makes up 49.4 percent of the entire population of Nigeria. This means that anyone who can win the trust of the women, is already on the path of victory. Because, women form a large percentage of the voting population of Nigeria.

Hence, I recommend that Atiku Abubakar replace his former running mate Peter Obi with an Igbo woman (of equal intellectual strength and influence as Peter obi) in order to retain his "Hausa-Igbo" strategy, and boost his presidential ambition.

I strongly suggest Senator Stella Oduah, as the best and most suitable running mate for Atiku Abubakar ahead of 2023. She has both the experience and the influence, and she has been part of past/previous presidential campaigns where she played vital roles.

In terms of intellectual prowess, Stella Oduah has it in full. She schooled and obtained her Bachelors and Masters Degree (in Accounting and Business Administration respectively) in the United States.

For the part experience,

Stella Oduah served as the Director of Administration and finance for president Jonathan during his presidential campaign. Thus she understands the nitty gritty of presidential campaigns, including how to make important political alignments, which is an indispensable quality in the game of politics.

She has served in major sectors in the country including the the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission in 1993.

She has served also served in top leadership positions in the country; 1n 2011 she was appointed as the minister of aviation, a position which she held till 2014.

Currently, she is the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from Anambra North Senatorial District, an office which she assumed in 2015 till now.

Stella Oduah can easily pass as a successful business woman, who understands the necessity of taking necessary risks in order to take things to the next level. In 1992 she left the safe haven of NNPC to establish the Sea Petroleum & Gas Company Limited (SPG), an independent marketer of petroleum products in Nigeria.

She was married to the former Minister for Works, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi and has about three children.

Truly, Stella Oduah is a versatile, strong and capable lady that will fortify Atiku presidential ambition with her experience, influence and intellectual ability.

More so, having Stella Oduah as the running mate of Atiku Abubakar ahead of 2023, will boost his presidential ambitions by solving two major problems in the leadership and political terrain of Nigeria:

1. Gender inequality. most Nigerians think that women are not given enough chances to prove that they capable of leading and manning the public affairs of our nation more effectively than the men are doing.

2. Ethnic problems: maybe not effectively, but having an Igbo woman as vice president will go a long way to pacify the issue of Igbo presidency.

Without any doubts I believe that Stella Oduah is the only Igbo woman that can boost the presidential ambition of Atiku Abubakar.

Share your thoughts.

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