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OPINION: The Vision Of Professor Eleka And The Future Of Ekiti State

By Tope Adebayo

Ekiti state with a projected population of over three million people is blessed with great human wealth that can be harnessed, utilized and maximized to make it a state where citizens of the state are proud to call theirs; creating a land full of opportunities for all. Professor Eleka has a blueprint to make the Ekiti of our dreams a reality through an intentional well thought out plans to reposition the great fortunes of this great state. 

His core mandate is to serve the land and make it prosperous for all irrespective of your background, social status, or party affiliation. This service towards our great land is well thought out with milestones that can be measured. After all, he is a Professor with a Midas touch. 


Any government that is not interested in creating an enabling environment where human capital development is enhanced would breed security threats that would hamper social empowerment. Professor Eleka is sold out to securing the lives of people of the land as part of the mantra would be “every Ekiti life matters” with a detailed and well trained security network and personnel that covers the length and breadth of the state. Though Security is in the. Exclusive Legislative list, yet Prof Eleka has Mechanism that will serve and protect the People of the Land.

He will also make sure human capital development of Ekiti Sons and Daughters are developed for benefits of all, thereby focusing on Education, Health and Infrastructural Development. 


We are all aware of his Midas touch in the Education sector, which has become a templates across party lines in the federation. In terms of Health developments, attention will be paid to United Nation recommended Expenditure on health, Robust Health insurance for citizens of the state, State of the Art Facilities

d special attention to primary health care, which will all be standards and affordable. 

Ekiti peculiar land mass means a lot of strategic work has to be done to improve and develop the infrastructures in the state. We would develop monuments that brings pride to us as a state and create effective Facility management structure to manage and optimize it well. When the infrastructures are developed, the state opens up for business and opportunities. 


The level of brilliance in a society is directly proportional to the level of right and applicable education that answers the questions of today, solves the problem of tomorrow and prepares you for the future. We would be interested in the education of the next generation because what we are enjoying today was because our founding fathers believed in the tenets of education and did everything within their powers to make it accessible to us and we would also do same to making sure that quality education is the minimum stanard expected and delivered.

 The ripple effect is the development of the stat economy to maximize the various opportunities that abounds and making sure our sons and daughters have a source of income that calibrates with their standard of education. He has done it before, he will do it again with an improved version. 

Prof Eleka is a scientific individual, who doesn't approach issues without foresight, research, plan and grit. He will have an economic team that would give advice and recommendations on core action plans to increase the internal generated revenue without suffocating the great people of the state. 


Leadership is not something you run into but it is something you prepared for consciously or unconsciously delivering on set goals at set time. 

This is a promise of wholesome leadership to the state - leadership that promotes creativity, capacity and credibility. There will be identification and strategic partnership with capable leaders, stakeholders, captains of industry that help in unleashing the potentials of Ekiti State where there would be a room of performance. 


Also, there will be financial assistance, grants, incentives, subsidized raw materials and people oriented policies for the optimization of Ekiti Agricultural Land and Natural Resources.


The journey to a New Ekiti has begun and the New Ekiti demands a cerebral, competent and creative leader and it’s one all of us must collectively be involved in as we support Professor Olusola Eleka as the next Governor of Ekiti State.

There will be many Candidates across the political divide, but Prof Eleka stands out tall with the needed Pedigree and Intellectual Prowess to Lead us and out dear State in the right direction. 

Stand, support, and mobilize for the candidature of Prof Kolapo Eleka to "Rebuild the broken walls and discover new grounds".

 Prof. Eleka is indeed what Ekiti needs for sustainable development and ensuring that all residents of the State enjoy purposeful and discerning Leadership.

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Ekiti Eleka Midas Tope Adebayo


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