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"6 years after, I'm yet to get the ID" - Nigerians complain about National ID Card

Nigerians are complaining on Twitter about the delay in getting National ID Card despite registering many years ago. Here are some of the replies

SJ: It will cost you more than 7years to get your national ID card after registration and they will make one silly mistake expecting you to a huge amount of money just to correct it

Why do we register again when we need a replacement of national ID

My mother registered for her National ID since 2008, yet the customized ID hasn't been given to her till now. This is how fucked and dumbed our leaders are, no idea. National ID doesn't even identify me as a Nigerian. What even identify as a Nigerian?

NIMC people since I went for my National ID in 2019 and I was given a sheet of paper without the NIN pin... After two weeks in 2019 oh I went back there to collect the ID card and the worker there that attended to me was like he registered since 2005 and he hasn't gotten ID card

I did registration for national ID in 2013. Queued for 3 days, 12 hours each day until I succeeded. On my date of birth, instead of "15th", they wrote "5th". Guess how much it is to correct it? 15k. How poetic. Just to put 1 in front of 5. I'd rather run for president than pay.

Millions of Nigerians are yet to get their National Identity Card despite registering a long time ago. Instead, a National Identify Number Slip was given. The National Indentity Management Commission needs to work to produce the ID Card soon.

Have you received your ID Card? Share your experience in the comments.

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