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Division of a country called "Nigeria"

Nigeria is a country located in Western-Africa continent and mainly refer to as "Giant of Africa". It consist of three main ethnic groups namely Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Majorly, 90% of Hausas are Muslim, 99.99% of Igbo's Christian while Yoruba's were equally divided into both Muslim and Christian.

Hausas believe that they are the majority and it is their right to rule and power belongs to them. They produced food crops more than any other regions in the country  and they see Igbo  people as those who always want separation of the country.

Igbo People are minority who always want their freedom and always see Hausas as stopping stone to their freedom while see Yoruba as betrayals.

Despite that Yoruba and Igbo belong to the southern part of the country, Yoruba always stand in between Hausa and Igbo which make it difficult for Igbo to be separated from the country.

As the country is today, do you think we can still continue as a country called Nigeria?

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