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The era of the new man

The era of the new man is almost here with us, how are you equipping yourself for this era? The desire to earn a living has really made man to advance speedily to this era, don't be left out.

Ten years ago, my best friend asked me, what would you like to achieve in the next ten years? I have not thought about it, I answered, within me, l knew what I wanted to be, a graduate, go for youth service and work in one of the greatest companies in the country, I didn't think about my talents, developing a skill or learning a trade, all I wanted was the name graduate.

I can tell you that this is the dream of many young people in the country, a simple analysis, just visit any primary school, ask each of them_ what would you like to be in the future? The answers are similar, I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse or an engineer, nobody talks about other areas of skill acquisitions, like shoe making or carpentry.

These thoughts have led many people astray, is not everyone that has the intellectual power to achieve a dream profession and when achieved, competitions makes it impossible for employment_ therefore, monitoring of the child, especially on the side of the parents becomes necessary, yes I know that some professions have more dignity than the others, according to some individual's perspective; to me they are all the same as long as it helps you cope with the challenges of daily living.

Man is created to conquer and overcome, talents and gifts differ, teach your child how to develop the power of Independency by helping him/her develop those special talents, if singing, writing articles, comedies etc are the child's talent, please do not overlook, it wouldn't just help him to earn a living, the feeling of satisfaction will always be there.

Now, my ten years is over, I have my certificate, done with youth service, yet no job, what is next? Go back to my parents house and start again, No!!!, I rather stay on the streets and hustle like others, this has been the language of every unemployed youth in the country.

To be honest, it could be a good idea, but destructive, when you don't have plans or anything to lay your hands on, you gradually become a nuisance to everyone around you, hence creativity becomes the only option to survive, how creative are you?

I now ask thesame question my friend asked me ten years ago, what would you intend to achieve in ten years time?

This brings us to the era of the new man, the new man is that man that have acquired the necessary skills that is growing with the advancement of technology, there is no doubt that science and technology have taken over the world, time shall come, when all we do will be based on technology, most activities performed by man has been replaced with machines, the era of artificiality is coming, how are you equipping yourself for this era, most businesses are done online, deliveries are ordered online, what will you do if your business is not online then?

I so much anticipate for this era, is almost here with us, I'm also scared that the power of critical thinking and originality may be lost, machines can do almost everything, what about originality and critical thinking? What will actually become of man when that era finally comes? You can also comment your opinions.

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