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Opinion: A Can Of Warms May Be Uncovered, If The DSS Decides To Investigate Sheikh Gumi

Indeed, popular Islamic cleric is a highly respected Muslim and he has a track record of being a preacher of love and peace, however, something does not sit right with his recent statement about bandits and this is my humble opinion.

You may recall that very recently, Sheikh Gumi held a meeting with top leaders of bandit groups in Nigeria and many applauded his bravery and patriotism, however, the fact that Sheikh Gumi could have access to these bandits, while the Nigerian Army was yet to apprehended them, raised so many questions and thankfully, Babajide Kolade-Otitoju of the Journalists' Hangout also raised alarm over this situation.

On the Arise TV's interview with Sheikh Gumi, journalists were chided for calling bandits criminals and they were enjoined to speak kindly about bandits and encourage them to lay down their arms and follow the path of peace.

This statement, struck a wrong chord in the hearts of many Nigerians and even the Presidency had to negate Sheikh Gumi's statement, by stating that all bandits are criminals and would be treated as the law stipulates.

In my opinion, it is high time the DSS began to investigate Sheikh Gumi, as many Nigerians are worried that the DSS may uncover a can of worms, as regarding his relationship with bandits.

This is not to suggest that Sheik Gumi or any religion has a hand in the rise in banditry in Nigeria, however, his recent statement was very implicating and I believe that no stone should be left unturned in the fight against insecurity in our beloved Nation.

God bless and keep Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians, what is your take in this very sensitive discussion?

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