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Prisoners’ pardon: What you should know about those that will be freed.

The President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari, has proven over time that he is one of the best leaders that has ever ruled Nigeria. Aside from ensuring his people's safety by investing so much in the security department, he and his time has also set up a committee that will look into prisoners’ cases and grant the worthy ones their freedom in Lagos State.

The Chairman of the committee, Mr Abubakar Malami (SAN), and his team have commenced work already and some of the correctional centres in Lagos State have been assessed. 

Although the programme is open to all prisoners, some other criteria are put in place which I will discuss extensively in the paragraphs below.

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Some of the criteria that will be used to scrutinize the prisoners include;

1. Critical Illness. 

Indeed, this should be the first thing to check, some prisoners have been serving their terms in the hospital. Although they are prisoners, but the state of their health is nothing to write about. Malami said some of these sets of inmates might be pardoned.

2. Old age. 

Another set of inmates that might get their freedom again are the old ones. Remember, the correctional centres is not a nice place for the old one, but some youth committed grievous offences and as such bagged long-term jail imprisonment. So for these inmates, some of their cases will be looked into and when they officially meet the criteria, some of them will be pardoned as well.

3. Spent more than ten years (10 years) in custody.

Also, Malami said the case of some of the inmates that have spent more than 10 years in prison will be looked into too. They assume that any person that has spent about 10 years of their life in prison would have learnt how to tackle life with the right mentality. So, inmates that fall into this category will be scrutinized too. 

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Another important thing to note from Abubakar Malami's statement is that the prerogative of mercy mentioned only covers federal offences alone, including bunkering.

It is not all inmates that fall into the categories mentioned above that will obtain federal mercy because the total number of inmates that might be pardoned in Lagos State equals 80, and about 300 of them will be scrutinized across the whole of Lagos State. 

Congratulations in advance to the inmates that will get their freedom soon. 

Source: P.M News

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