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Opinion: How Buhari Can End Banditry & Kidnapping In Northern Nigeria Aside Using Military Might

As we may know, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has been going through a period of insecurity challenges in some parts of the country. In the northwestern part of the country, for instance, we have cases of banditry and kidnapping going on for some months.

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Nevertheless, this is not to say that the federal government of Nigeria has not been actively doing all it can to stamp out and bring an end to this menace, bearing in mind that President Buhari has shown dedication and commitment to deal with Terrorists, Bandits, Kidnappers, and all forms of insurgency in the country, with his purchase of Tucano fighter jets, not long ago. While this step is laudable, I also believe that other less violent means can as well be used to deal with the issue of banditry.

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Hence, I have highlighted in this article, how President Muhammadu Buhari can end Banditry in Northern Nigeria aside using military might:

1. As we may have noticed, the menace of Banditry in the northern region of Nigeria has taken up a predictable pattern of operation which involves kidnapping innocent people and then demanding ransom before they're released.

Bearing this in mind, it is not out of place to say that the people perpetrating these acts are unemployed, hungry, and desperate. They have, therefore, decided to indulge in crimes to extort money from the government.

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Therefore, to end this circle of violence, President Muhammadu Buhari should call their leader to a round table meeting, empower them with financial schemes and possibly place them on a monthly stipend.

As much as I do not support Banditry or try to romance the activities of banditry, I believe that the best way to settle every violent activity is always on the table of discussion and compromise.

As much as the Nigerian military has a role to play in curbing insecurity, bringing the parties involved in and providing them with some alternatives will help to solve the challenge.

What do you think about this? Feel free to share with us.

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